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Can't make it to the Boxfoto's Airstream? Now you can shop is almost like being there in person. Ok, it really isn't. But there still is a lot of great art to buy! Just click on the shopping bag to get started.

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Alternative Works. Alternative Spaces.  

Photographers Matt Larson and Rebecca Sexton Larson, cofounders of Boxfotos, work, teach and exhibit historic photographic works out of their 23-foot, 2008 International Flying Cloud Airstream.

Matt explains, "Having a mobile gallery space and classroom is more practical then buying or renting a gallery space. Plus, we don't have to decide which city to live in--we can go anywhere!" The art couple is quickly creating a brand and national following as artists changing the traditional business model by “going mobile” and marketing their own artwork. 

This past year Boxfotos has been referred to as “Monsters of Mobile Art,” “Creative on Wheels” and “Art in a Box” by local and international media outlets and publications. 

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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day - April 27th

We are quickly approaching Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, are you ready? Anyone, anywhere is the world can participate by taking a pinhole photograph on Sunday, April 27th.

Scan it and upload to the official website where it will be part of an online gallery celebrating Worldwide Pinhole Day.

Unsure about how to start? There are lots of great websites available to help with making cameras and taking images. Here are a few to get you started.

The Pinhole Resource The one location for all things pinhole. Founders Eric Renner and Nancy Spencer have all the answers and products you will need to become an expert at this historic process.

The Pinhole Gallery Information and images to get you started.

Pinhole CZ More photos and information on a Windows based exposure calculator...for those that 

Mr. Pinhole Pinhole photography and design calculators.

Pinhole cameras by Zero Image beautifully designed wooden pinhole cameras that shoot a variety of films.

New Mexico History Museum The new home of over 6, 000 pinhole images from the collection of the Pinhole Resource. 

Starbuck coffee cup camera and 4 unique images (one pictured)

If that's not enough to inspire and get you going, take a look at a few of Rebecca's pinhole collector boxes. Each portfolio box comes with the handmade camera used to make the images and one-of-a-kind archivally matted original prints. These are truely collector boxes!

Don't feel like making a camera and experimenting? Doesn't mean you can't own one! It is a great opportunity to get started collecting pinhole photography or adding to your existing photo collection. Click on each pinhole collector box image to be redirected to our store!

Email for details.

Metal gift box camera and 5 unique images (one pictured)

Metal seed can camera and 4 unique images (one pictured)


Paynes Prairie Photo Essay

A few images from one of Boxfoto's favorite shooting locations, Paynes Prairie State Park, FL.

 All images (c)2014 rebecca sexton larson


April's Print Sale

For the month of April, Boxfotos is offering this original silver print for $300 (a $50 savings) from my Environmental Portraiture portfolio series. "Gathering" was shot on the Pinellas County side of the Gandy Bridge--one of my favorite places to photograph in the Tampa Bay area. It's also the place where I spent many weekends as a kid growing up. We called the location, "the Rocks."

The Environmental Portraiture series was shot with a plastic 120 Holga camera. My aim was to create a new series of landscapes, different from the works of the majority of the masters we all know. Unique in that my lens focal distance was set at the closet distance the plastic lens would allow, 4' from the subject to isolate it from the rest of the scene, while changing its scale in relation to the environment.  These stems reaching toward the sky are only between 2-6 inches. 

The sale price is reduced to $300 for the remaining days of April. We hope this print finds a nice cuddly home. CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO GO TO STORE

For questions or more detail, contact