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NY Times Features Mobile Art 

Though we are not mentioned directly, we like to think that the shout out in today's New York Times which mentions mobile art in the Tampa Bay area, is a pat on the back to our Boxfotos Airstream and our goals to make photographic artwork more accessible. Mobile businesses are certainly not new, but more and more proprietors are finding the "moving business" an excellent way to reach out to the public. Here at Boxfotos Studio we not only focuse on selling small unique works of photography from our silver bullet airstream, but we also teach and use the vehicle regularly as a studio. 

Read more about "Just Like Taco Trucks, Art Takes to the Road" in the Art & Design section of the New York Times.  And look for the Boxfotos airstream out on the road this summer.


Happy Worldwide Pinhole Day

Hope everyone has a joyous pinhole day - 2014. Here are a few pinhole images from the Boxfotos Airstream.

Sulfer Springs by Matt Larson

Ft. Desoto by Matt Larson

Still-life #1 by Rebecca Sexton LarsonStill-life #2 by Rebecca Sexton Larson